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i have seen different forms of creativity in the minds of men ( the good, the bad and the ugly ) but its so rare to see beautiful creative minds…JAC bags is one of these rare species. Am not saying this because i got one for myself or for ads purposes ( tho its one of them, lol), its cuz of how each of their designs meet every standard of a work of craft from the heart…From strap bags to hand bags to purses( be it leather, cotton, silk or wool )…trust me, you’ll adore every design you find in their store and their prices are affordable.








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JAC BAGS: quality and affordable…


A farmer and his hired help were carrying grains to the barn. The farmer carried one sack of grain and the hired help carried help carried two sacks.

Who carried the heavier load and why?

#TEARS:Last letter Iranian woman wrote to her mother before she was hanged.

Young and beautiful 27 year old Reyhaney Jabbari was executed on Saturday October 25th by hanging in Iran seven years after she KILLED a man that she claimed had ATTEMPTED to RAPE her. Before she was killed, Reyhaney wrote a very emotional letter to her mother, asking that her organs be DONATED to those who NEED them. See the full text of the letter after the cut..

The full text of the letter was translated by the National Council of Resistance of Iran:

“Dear Sholeh, today I learned that it is now my turn to face Qisas (the Iranian regime’s law of retribution). I am hurt as to why you did not let me know yourself that I have reached the last page of the book of my life. Continue reading


Wives respect your husbands… The universal love language for men is respect. Husbands yearn to feel esteemed, especially by their wives.
Here are ten things that all husbands need to hear.

1. “I BELIEVE IN U.” This is an instant confidence booster and can turn any seeming defeat into a delayed victory. When your husband is facing one of life’s many setbacks, this is a secret weapon to help him feel empowered to stay the course.

2.”I VALUE YOUR LEADERSHIP.” Every husband battles insecurity in knowing whether or not they are providing and leading their family in the right direction. Celebrate and encourage him. It strengthens his ability to take on more challenges in life knowing there’s someone always in his corner.

3.”I ADMIRE YOU.” Always try to catch the things he’s doing right and make a big deal out of it! So often, the focus is on the failures and the slip-ups. This can beat a person down. Lift him up by reinforcing the positive and admiring the things he does well.

4.”I FEEL SAFE WITH YOU.” Show your husband that his presence is needed and his presence is needed and his protection is important. Sometimes we as women take on too much and we need someone to say “Honey, that’s enough.” Thank him for being your buffer and standing guard when you really need it.

5.”YOU WERE RIGHT. I WAS WRONG.” Admit when you get it wrong, but more than that tell him when he’s right. Exercising humility at this level, keeps the marriage healthy and let’s your husband know that he’s more important than your pride.

6.”I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO FOR OUR FAMILY.” If your husband is doing all he can to earn and provide for the home, don’t fail to be thankful and show appreciation for the sacrifice. The “you’re supposed to do this” mindset can cause burn-out and discouragement.

7.”I’M GLAD I MARRIED YOU.”Be sure he knows without a doubt that you’re happy with the choice you made. Let him know you would do it all over again even if circumstances were different.

8.”I MISSED YOU.” Never let your husband forget that he is loved and enjoyed in your life. When you’re apart, remind him that you’re thinking of him. Absolutely refuse to take him for granted.

9.”THANK YOU FOR BEING DEPENDABLE.” Express thanks and appreciation when your husband changes your tire, picks you up from the airport or runs an errand for you. Remember you’re a team, lifetime partners and appreciate his moment-to-moment choice to honour that.

10.”YOU’RE AN AWESOME MAN OF GOD.” Realize that spiritual disciplines, like prayer and devotions may come easier for you. Give him the gift of spiritual encouragement, especially when he takes the lead to initiate family Bible study or suggests going on a marriage retreat. Love him well.